Minggu, Juni 14

Search on Google for A Y U C A

With all my desire, i've searched for my name at google search.
And what i get is AYUCA on my facebook, my friendster, SOMEBODY twitter, and wikipedia.
Oh my gosh, wikipedia??? Am i so famous that my name written on wikipedia?? Wikipedia in Japanese.

This is what i've got.

I can't speak japanese, so i translate it with GoogleTranslate (i often use it to translate journal that i've found, eventhough the translate not so good, but help me so).

And what i've got is.....
Ayuca (AYUKA),岐阜乗合自動車December 2006 a non-contact IC has been introduced to the card ticket. March 16, 2007 on the ticket with the added feature ayuca ticket (I only take it AYUKA) was released (for details refer to the # history).

Ayuca or AYUKA in japanese speak is a ticket which use for taking bus.
Hmmpphhh, i am so dissapointed.
But, lucky. In japanese, Ayuca is spell by AYUKA. Like my fren call me. It feels like i am japanese person.

And lucky, there is no one, i said no one have this AYUCA name.
(If you found someone with name is Ayuca, tell me immediately.)

PS. Sorry, post kali ini dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi ca rasa mudah dimengerti koq.

Ahiru's name is Ayuca~ END

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