Senin, Mei 3

Tired April and Welcome May XD

Yeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiii, welcome may...
I love may, i heart it...

Today, i've just submitted my paper (Karya Tulis Ilmiah - Scientific Writing) which is still in proposal form. My title is "Gambaran Tingkat Depresi pada Remaja dengan Keluarga Broken Home" (Descriptive of Depression Level in Teenagers with Broken Family Home). I got psychiatry for my paper. Errrr, i dont like it. But, even i don't like it, the proposal paper has been finished XD

In April, i focused on my paper. On searching sample. On my paper. On my damn Tutorial. On my paper. My paper. My paper. It's so wasting time. But how can i say. That's the point that i must do to get my Medical Degree.

In April, I considered one thing, i love somebody new, somebody that don;t know if I exist, somebody that I don't know about him, somebody that I can dreamt of.
It's like first love (yiakkk *disgusting).. But it feels really2 great. I just keep the feeling in my heart, and dont let anyone know it. hahahahaha..

In May, i wish i have a miracle, that show me my way, to get back to earth.

Emm, that's all for today. Have a great may everyone :D

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